Stop Caring What Others Think, You’re Going to Die and They Will Forget About You

I want to start a business at 19 but people will criticise me and say “who does he think he is?” He is too young to start a business. Therefore, I won’t do it.

I want to marry young but people will tell me that my marriage won’t work and that I am too young to marry. Therefore, I won’t do it.

I want to do a PhD at 50 but what are others going to think? Well, they might think I am too old to do it. Therefore, I won’t do it.

I want to publish a book but people will give me negative feedback and many will not buy my book. Therefore, I won’t do it.

Perhaps you have great ideas and dreams but refrain from acting on them because you care a lot about what others think about you. This might be due to lack of self-confidence. But don’t worry, i am not here to judge you but help you overcome it.

Just stop caring

Caring what others think of you can prevent you from living the life you always dreamed of, speaking your mind, following your dreams, doing what you love etc. Unless you stop caring what others think of you, you can never follow your passion and be fulfilled. I have studied many successful people’s mindsets and I found out that they all don’t care what others think of them. They’re often misunderstood and judged but they believe in themselves and act on their goals. I used to care about other people’s judgements until one day a speaker told me “stop caring what others think of you, you’re going to die.” And i was like wow that’s actually true, life is too short to be caring about people that won’t care about me when i’m gone. Therefore, I will just follow my passion and dreams without caring about other people’s judgements. And trust me having that mindset has made me fulfilled and happy. I’am actually living my best life and it has nothing to do with money but doing what you love. You can have a high paying job but if you don’t love what you’re doing you will never be happy or fulfilled. Always keep in mind that you’re going to die one day so it’s pointless to care what others think of you.


Self-confidence can help you stop caring what others think of you. For instance, if you believe that you can be a successful entrepreneur and someone tells you the opposite, you will ignore his or her opinion due to your self-confidence. I remember when I couldn’t speak English confidently, someone told me that i can never give a speech in English. And i believed the person and doubted my myself, i just wasn’t confident. But the truth of the matter is that you can know a language and lack the confidence to speak it. So i built self-confidence to speak English confidently and stopped caring about the person’s opinion. And guess what? Now, I give speech in English on a regular basis. I do what others tell me that i can’t do. Build self-confidence and you’ll stop caring what others think of you.

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