Overcoming Laziness

People always talk about the key to success but not the key to failure. Maybe you are wondering if you really need to know the key to failure… The answer is a big YES, I know you want to succeed but you need to know how to fail. Identifying the key to failure will help you identify the key to success. If you know how to fail, you will know how to succeed. In other words, the key to success is the opposite of the key to failure. And “laziness” is the key to failure. To be lazy is to be unwilling to work or make an effort. Many people have dreams and goals but are not willing to work or make an effort to achieve them. It is good to have dreams and goals but unless you work on them, they will never manifest in your life. The purpose of laziness is simple: to prevent you from becoming who you want to become and from doing what you need to do.

“I am feeling lazy”

“I am feeling lazy” simply means I do not feel like working or making an effort. But pay attention to the word “feeling”… To feel is to experience an emotion. In other words, laziness is an emotion and not reality. The fact that you feel lazy does not mean that you are a lazy person. Your feelings do not define who you are. Most of your feelings are not real. For instance, you may feel dumb sometimes but that does not mean you are dumb. It is just a feeling (an experience of an emotion). Feeling lazy is an experience and nothing more than that. Do not let your experience define who you are. In other words, anytime you do not feel like working or making an effort, it is just an experience. But the problem is when you allow yourself to be led by this feeling. What do I mean by that? I mean when you do nothing because you are feeling lazy. People who work hard also feel lazy sometimes. But do you know what they do? They are aware that it is just a feeling, therefore, they ignore it and push themselves to work hard. That is how you can conquer laziness. When you feel lazy, ignore the feeling and focus on what you need to do. And the laziness in you will vanish.

Laziness is Contagious

The quickest way to become lazy is to surround yourself with lazy people. “Who you surround yourself with determines who you become.” That is the law of association. If you always hang out with lazy people, you will soon become like them. It is just a matter of time. Associate yourself with people who work hard if you want to be a hardworking person. Lazy people will even discourage you from working, They will tell you “Life is not about work, stop working hard and relax, let’s just have fun, we only live once.” This is how you can recognise them. They use sweet words to justify their laziness and prevent those who want to work from working hard. My friend, do not fall into this trap… It is true that we only live once but if you have dreams and goals, you need to work hard to achieve them. Stay away from lazy people if you do not want to fail in life. Funnily enough, it is easier to pick up a bad habit than a good one. So, if you are a hardworking person and hang out with lazy people, do not think that you can change them, they would rather turn you into a lazy person.

Laziness is a Way of Escape

It is easier to be lazy than to be hardworking. The difference between a lazy person and someone who works hard is simple: Hard Working people face challenges and work hard to overcome them while, lazy people run away from challenges and do nothing to overcome them. To be lazy is to escape challenges and hardship. Lazy people do not want to get out of their comfort zone and work. The biggest punishment you can give them is Work. The word “Work” even irritates them. I used to be lazy so I know how lazy people think and feel. Life is full of challenges but there is always a reward behind every challenge. But laziness will make you miss that reward. Moreover, lazy people are always jealous of successful people. They refuse to work but when somebody works hard and become successful, it irritates them. You know why? Lazy people attack what they cannot attract. They know they are not willing to make efforts and work so they want you to be like them. Escaping challenges is not the solution. Be willing to work hard to overcome challenges.

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