Investing in Yourself

Investment is the act of sowing and reaping. When you invest in a business, you sow your money, effort or time, and reap a revenue or a profit. You cannot reap without sowing, that is why investment is crucial. Successful people achieve their goals through investment. Many people think that investment is only meant for businessmen, investors or entrepreneurs. But this is completely wrong. Working a 9 to 5 job requires a lot of investment as well, if you are an employee in a company or an organization, you are also into investment. Why? Simply because you are investing your time, effort, knowledge and expertise in your job in order to earn a living. If you do not invest these elements in your job, your employer will probably fire you.

It is important to invest in a business, your job or an asset but the best investment you can ever make is in yourself. To invest in yourself simply means to develop yourself in order to get what you want or need in life. You need to invest in yourself before investing in other things. Do not focus on what you need or want, but rather focus on what can help you get what you need or want and the answer is self-investment.

Now the question is, how can you invest in yourself?

Your health

Your health is your life. If you are not healthy, you cannot enjoy your life or achieve your goals. Therefore, the primary self-investment you must make in life is in your health. You do not need to become a vegetarian or a vegan to be healthy, you just need to have a proper nutrition and take good care of your body. Eat more vegetables, healthy meats, fruits, drink more water and avoid junk food (do more research on healthy foods). Do not eat what you like but what your body needs. If you are a chocolate fan, you can eat dark chocolate which can protect your body from diseases. Physical exercise is also beneficial for your health. You can go to the gym or play sports. Walking is also good cardio exercise so, if you do not like going to the gym or playing sports, you can walk more.

The healthy habit sounds difficult but it is rewarding. You can do so many things when you are healthy. Sickness or disease limits your abilities. According to scientists, it takes 21 days to form a habit so, start eating healthy within 21 days and it will naturally become a habit, your body will get used to it.

Your Knowledge

Increasing your knowledge is a great way to invest in yourself. Your level of knowledge influences your ability level. When you know more, you do more and when you know less, you do less. For instance, if you know more cooking recipes, you can cook more dishes but if you know less cooking recipes, you cook less dishes. Lack of knowledge limits you. Withal, humility and curiosity are really important when it comes to increasing your knowledge. If you think you know it all and do not need anyone to advise you or teach you, you will never learn anything in life. You need to humble yourself to increase your knowledge. There are some people who believe they know it all so they never grow. They forget that knowledge is infinite. Nobody on this earth has the ability to know everything, we all know in part. You need to humble yourself to seek more knowledge. People who strive for more knowledge are curious people. They want to know almost everything. Most of the time they are not at peace with themselves until they build knowledge about something that stirs up their curiosity or interests them. You need to be curious to be able to increase your knowledge. Surrounding yourself with people who are more knowledgeable than you can also stir up your desire to increase your knowledge. Nobody likes to feel dumb in the company of others therefore, it will motivate you to reach their level of knowledge to be able to communicate with them and not feel like the dumbest person in the room.

How can you increase your knowledge?

You can increase your knowledge by reading books, articles, journals; listening to audiobooks if you do not like reading; watching videos; attending conferences; and asking questions or advice to knowledgeable people. Books are the best source of knowledge. Anytime you read a book, you are actually acquiring someone else’s knowledge, and end up thinking like them because their thoughts are expressed in their book. For example, If you read Bill Gates’s book, it is like he is sharing his knowledge with you without him being there physically. Therefore, you do not need to meet an author physically in order to learn from them, you can buy their books instead. Reading books makes you smarter. You can start reading one book a week if you are a beginner, then improve your reading skills.


Self-confidence is about believing in yourself and your abilities. It plays a significant role in your daily tasks and relationships. You need to develop self-confidence to be able to apply your knowledge, communicate with others, network, share your ideas or thoughts and implement your ideas. Your ability level drops when your confidence drops. Have you ever noticed that you find it difficult to express yourself properly when you feel shy? This is not because you do not know how to express yourself but it is because you lack confidence. Shy people think a lot about other people’s opinions of them so it limits their abilities. For example, if a shy person is eloquent and is asked to give a speech or a presentation before others, he or she will not be able to speak eloquently because of lack of confidence. Do you have a business idea and are afraid to implement it because you think it will fail? You can never achieve your goals if you do not believe in yourself and your abilities. Self-confidence is one of the reasons why successful people are able to achieve their goals.

Do you want to know how to develop self-confidence?

First of all, you must acknowledge that you do not have self-confidence, if you do not acknowledge it, you can never get rid of it. You must also surround yourself with people who have self-confidence; who you surround yourself with determines who you become. You can also read books about self-confidence and develop a positive thinking habit (I suggest you buy Neil Francis book on positive thinking which is available on amazon). If you think negatively, it will affect your confidence. Moreover, dressing smart can also develop your confidence. Have you ever noticed that you feel more confident when you dress well? The way you dress affects your confidence.

Invest in your confidence and you will be competent.


If you want to be a better person, you need to build self-discipline in your life. You have to quit bad habits such as watching too much television, oversleeping, coming to work late, laziness, spending too much time on social media etc. Take a notebook and draw a table with two columns. In the first column, write down all your bad habits and in the second column, write down the opposites of those bad habits. After making your table, make sure you follow the good habits which will be your new habits. Self-discipline is a great form of self-investment. It will allow you to achieve success and live a healthy life.


As stated in the introduction, the best investment you can ever make is in yourself. Invest in your health, knowledge, confidence and discipline, and you will be able to achieve success for yourself and the people you love.

“A new habit leads to a better life”

Good luck!

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