How can Walmart Break Its Cultural Constraint?

Walmart can break its cultural constraints by adjusting its business model to the culture of the foreign country they want to enter for internal expansion. The company must conduct diligent research about the foreign culture prior to entry. The American culture is different from many foreign cultures.

Foreigners may not like what Walmart sells to American consumers regardless of the low price. They may not also like how they relate to their employees and may have different tastes and preferences. Therefore, Walmart must not ignore the wants, needs, and expectations of foreign consumers; its objective should be to satisfy foreign customers’ needs and wants in a foreign market.

Foreign consumers are used to their local stores, so if Walmart does not adjust its business model and operations to the foreign culture, foreign consumers may choose other retailers over Walmart. Walmart must evaluate its cultural philosophy as it seeks a global expansion. The local culture should determine a company’s business model.

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