Apple’s Defensive Strategy

Apple decided to play a safer strategy after a successful period since they introduced the iPhone, the iPod, and the iPad. The company continues to meet and satisfy their customers’ needs by introducing more similar products and not just by focusing more on innovation.

The iPhone 5 in 2012, the iPhone 4s, and the iPad in 2011 have few differences and not much innovation compared to their previous versions, which were all successful. This strategy has been working successfully for Apple Inc. Apple devotes resources to education and training of customers and their own staff.

They emphasise on technical assistance and advice. Apple Store workers are trained to provide and receive fearless feedback. Feebdack allows the company to improve customer experience. Apple Store specialists are trained to showcase the technology. When you go to an Apple Store a specialist will check you in with an iPad.

An iPad is placed near each Mac with more explicit information about the features. Customers can ask for in-person help through the iPad. Apple trained its Store employees to show empathy and make customers happy. According to the company, their stores are a happy place to shop, learn, create, and get support. Employees and salespeople are trained to follow the Three F’s: Feel, Felt, and Found. This works effectively when the customer has wrong information.

Apple spent a decade investing in education and teaching. It often explains things to customers that no other firm cares to do. Apple taught its customers everything they needed to know to understand the iPad right from the beginning by focusing on major features and introducing them independently over a period of years.

Customers can also get an advanced degree post-purchase and get remedial assistance at Apple Stores. Withal, Apple sensibly spent time teaching users about the key features more than anything else when the iPhone was first introduced. Education is one of the keys to Apple’s success. Apple’s innovation strategy is accountable for its overall good business performance, which means an innovation strategy can improve the business performance of a technology-based firm.

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