Apple Inc. SWOT Analysis

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Apple’s strengths

Most valuable brand

Apple Inc. is the world’s most valuable brand with a brand value of $322 billion.

Efficient research

Apple builds commitment into its product designs. Heedful study is integrated, and further research is conducted to help understand customers’ needs and wants.

Advanced technology

Apple was the first to introduce some of the most innovative products that have had a major impact on the world and tech industry such as the iPhone, the iPad, and Mac. Safari is also the world’s fastest desktop browser. The company is still committed to building more efficient product technology devices.

Apple’s weaknesses

High priced products

Apple’s products are expensive. They are priced for middle and high-income consumers. Low-income consumers cannot afford Apple products. The company offers high quality products with advanced technology which are in line with their prices.

Unfair business practices

Apple is being investigated for unfair business practices after receiving payments to make Google’s search engine as the default search engine for its Safari web browser. Conspiracy between the two companies makes it tough for competitors to enter and grow into the search engine market.

Apple’s opportunities

Qualified professionals

Apple’s developers, product specialists, and researchers are qualified professionals with many years of experience in branding consumer products. Apple can keep building new opportunities with the growth of their team .

Expansive Distribution Network

Apple can grow its distribution network. Its distribution network is very restricted now and creates space for least expansion. Focusing on expanding distribution network will help Apple generate higher revenue and sales. Moreover, the company can take advantage of industrious promotions and marketing.

Apple’s threats

Fake Apple products

Apple has become susceptible to third world countries illegality using the brand image to sell fake products. The illegal dealers sell Apple fake products at the same value as an authentic Apple product. Fake products can make potential customers think that it is a low-quality product made by Apple, which can bring about negative reviews and bad reputation for the company.

Increasing competition

Although Apple as a brand is strong, it still faces threats from competitors such as Google, Samsung, and Dell especially with the advancement of technology. As the competition is increasing, Apple must keep introducing new product and go through its pricing policy to stay ahead of its competitors.

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