Boidou Kevin Eyorekon, better known by his pen name E. B. Kevin, is a multi-genre writer and the creator of Afro-Punks NFT collection. He was born to a Ghanaian mother and Ivorian father and raised in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. He’s a native French speaker, and he learned English when he was 18 because he liked it, and wanted to pursue his studies in the UK. According to Kevin, it’s crucial to learn English because it’s the most spoken language around the world. 

In 2014, Kevin went to the United Kingdom to study a bachelor’s degree in International Business at the University of Plymouth. Why International Business? Well, Kevin developed a passion for business when he was 8, he used to sell food to his classmates in primary school. As far as he’s concerned, selling a product or service makes him fulfilled. 

Kevin became a writer when he was 20. What inspired him to become a writer? Well, in 2016, he watched a YouTube video about an author. In that video, the author spoke about the books he published and said that English isn’t his native language but he writes all his books in English. The author presented all his books in the video, and Kevin immediately got inspired. Right after watching the YouTube video, Kevin grabbed his notebook and pen and started writing a Christian book entitled The Keys To Salvation. This was the first book he ever wrote. Kevin self-published The Keys To Salvation and sold his books when he was still a student at the University of Plymouth. The book is currently out of stock.

After publishing his Christian book, Kevin decided to diversify his writing to reach more readers and make a bigger impact. He decided to write fiction books for kids. As far as he’s concerned, kids like stories, and he thought it would be a good idea to encourage them and help them become successful students through fiction. In 2019, Kevin published Jeff the Brilliant Student, a children’s book. Kevin’s pen name was Kevin Boidou but he changed it to E. B. Kevin in 2019. E stands for his surname Eyorekon, and B for his first name Boidou. He chose this pen name because his late grandfather, Theophilus Ernest Anin had the same pen name style. His pen name was T. E. Anin and he was a Ghanaian author, lawyer, economist, and banker. T. E. Anin is the author of Banking in Ghana, Gold in Ghana, An Economic blueprint for Ghana, and Essays on the Political Economy of Ghana. 

E. B. Kevin developed a passion for writing over time, and started writing research papers, short stories, and articles in 2019. He writes on, an American online publishing platform. In January 2020, E. B. Kevin self-published SOCCER IS MY PASSION, a sports fiction book for kids, to encourage them to follow their passions. Afterwards, he decided to write a book on Friendship and a fiction book for adults. In February 2020, E. B. Kevin published The Golden Rules of Friendship and Awa Is Fighting Depression. E.B. Kevin writes fiction and non-fiction books for kids and adults to encourage them and help them become the best version of themselves. He writes all his books in English because he got used to writing in English when he went to the University of Plymouth. 

E. B. Kevin believes consistency is the key to great achievements and results. He doesn’t always write based on inspiration or motivation. According to him, inspiration and motivation don’t always come therefore, he pushes himself to write when he’s not motivated or inspired, and works even when he doesn’t feel like it. Withal, he believes a writer should be a good reader therefore, he reads every single day to improve his English, writing skills and build more knowledge. E. B. Kevin aims to continue to write more books, stories, and articles to make an impact on other people’s lives.

As far as E. B. Kevin is concerned, knowledge is wealth, and a knowledgeable person is a wealthy person. He believes knowledge changes our mindsets and empowers us to achieve what we couldn’t achieve before. E. B. Kevin writes in multiple genres because he has multiple interests and wants to use his full potential.